Here is a YouTube video of an author demonstrating how to use CBM Prg Studio and the functionality it provides.

Introduction to CBM Prg Studio

Writing Commodore 64 games in machine language can be quite a task. So it is essentially to select a good editor and compiler. I was referred to a YouTube visitor to use this tool awhile ago and have found it much easier than the previous C64 Studio editor I was using. Below is a screenshot of the main interface.

CBM Prg Studio

Create new C64 Project

CBM Prg StudioFirst you will want to create a new project within the editor. Click on File and New Project and the pop up dialog box will appear as seen. Be sure that C64 is selected

Next step of the Project

CBM Prg StudioNext enter a name for the project. For the example we will use Simple Sprite. You will notice as you type this that the Executable Name prefills the prg file with that name. Then click on the Next button again.

Finishing up the Project

Now you will be presented with a Summary of the information you provided to CBM Prg Studio. This includes the machine you will be using (C 64 – Commodore 64), the name of your project:Simple Sprite, The Executable file:simple sprite.prg, the Start Address: C64 ($0801), the Location: C:\C64, and a Comments section. The Start Address is defaulted to Win VICE C64 at hex $0801 – which is the Start of where the emulator loads the code into.

Clicking on the Create Button will finally exit the dialog box and place us back to the default CBM Prg Studio. You will now notice however that the Project Explorer window.