Publisher: Palace Software, 1987
Players: One or Two

A single screen level in a line of Commodore 64 games where you confront enemies as you move right or left. You use a sword while battling the characters. Enemies can be knocked down, as well as the player.

In many scenes the player can strike off the head of an opponent, and then a green creature is seen casting the head away and then eventually drags the enemies to a corner out of sight.

The scenes consist of a forest glade and a fighting pit. The characters also possess a set of attacks that can be invoked. The final confrontation is with the evil wizard.

Goal of the game: To rescue a princess held by an evil wizard named Drax while confronting enemies impeding the access to her.

Commodore 64 Games

On this page you will find a list of the most popular Commodore 64 games that have been in the industry prior to the introduction of this amazing computer. Currently the reviews are brief, but may be expanded later.

Bruce Lee

Commodore 64 games

Publisher: Datasoft

The player moves from different chambers in a wizard’s tower in search of wealth. The game consists of 20 chambers on a single screen, loaded with platforms and ladders.

Our protagonist “Bruce Lee” can climb up vines, jump to platforms while avoiding enemies.

The player can walk, kick, chop, climb, duck, and jump.

Lanterns can be gathered along the way. Each chamber contains enemies that attack the player. Mostly the pursuit is by a large sumo attacker and another rival.


Publisher: Elite Systems

This hit was on the list of Commodore 64 games featuring a scrolling down (vertically) where you shoot enemies that advance on your player. Some of them are concealed behinds walls, but can also shoot and throw grenades at you.

Goal of the game: To reach the top corner of each level going through the gates while avoiding gunfire.


Publisher: David Crane

The player selects from vehicle equipment at the start and an energy PK level starts rising as the game moves forward.

As your player moves from building to building in another round of Commodore 64 games, a scene transitions where a car is controlled while driving there and you can vacuum up any floating ghosts along the way.

Once arrived on site, the players get out of the vehicle and setup a trap for a ghost by placing a trap in the center and using streams to lure the ghost into a trapped position toward the center trying to capture the ghost with the trap.

This repeats consistently until the PK energy reaches a maximum of 9999. Then the players are confronted with the Stay Puffed Marshmellow man guarding the building entrance and they have to run under his feet to avoid being squashed. Once two ghostbusters players have secured their entry into the building safely, the screen scrolls to the stop where the ghostsbusters end the rule of Zuul by crossing the streams.

Ghosts and Goblins

Publisher: Elite Systems

The goal of this game is to free a kidnapped girl. Along the way gloomy creatures, ghosts, ghouls, demons, and shooting carnivores try to stop you.

There are 4 different levels of gameplay. It is a side scrolling game from left to right as you advance further along each time, even using ladders to move up and down.

You walk around as a knight and throw spears at the advancing enemies.

Once a level is complete, a big boss will appear that must be defeated before advancing the screen.

International Karate

Publisher: System 3

This game features a one on one player combat against another martial artist. They are challenging each other to complete in a tournament.

On the side is another character that poses as a judge and determines the winner for each round.

Each background scene changes as the game progress from the environment of the Sydney Harbour, Statue of Liberty, Forbidden City, Christ the Redeemer, Palace of Westminster, Parthenon, and the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Project Firestart

Publisher: Electronic Arts

This is another interesting production from Electronic Arts in a great list of Commodore 64 games.

The main player navigates through different single scene rooms looking for weapons, ammunition, while solving puzzles, tending to wounds, locate hits in the computers, and so on.

Eventually after going through the scenes for a while, the player reaches the room where the genetic mutants live and must take them down.


C64 Games

Publisher: Ocean Software

The player controls Robocop on a side scrolling screen and can walk around and shoot enemies within range, and down out from balcony windows.

At the end of a scene, the game player controls a cross hairs and must disarm a enemy holding a woman hostage, but shooting at the precise point the cross hair aligns on the moving sprite.

Further into other levels motorcycle vehicles will try to ram the player. You will also encounter the attacking robot (seen in the actual movie).

The game reviews state that it’s a hard game to play, lots of distractions are thrown at the player, and deaths occur pretty often since the player can re-appear at the last attacked point.

There are also some glitches while shooting above, even hovering off the ground at times while jumping.

The Last Ninja

Publisher: Activision Superior Software

This title has a lot journeys, puzzles, and enemy combat included. The player must get to the palace of the evil shogun to fight him there, his guards, and obtain the sacred scrolls.

The challenge of the game is getting through the puzzles, sometimes while jumping to stones in a river to cross it.

The Last Ninja II

64c Commodore games

Publisher: Activision Superior Software

In this successor to the original, the player moves around the isometric screens, picking up items, and solving puzzles, sometimes requiring a physical confrontation with an enemy.

In some of the scenes the player can jump from wall to climb, climb up/down them, and even do front flips.

During enemy confrontation scenes the player utilizes martial arts to beat them.

Target Renegade

Publisher: Imagine Software

The game play similar to Double Dragon where the player moves through levels taking out enemies and picking up weapons.

It centers around a protagonist martial artist “Joe Lewis” who has a mission to take revenge on a local kingpin “Mr. Big” for killing his brother.

Way of the Exploding Fist

Publisher: Firebird Software

In this series of Commodore 64 games, a player is moved around on a scrolling screen fighting against opponents karate style that stand in the way.

Fighting moves include performing a jumping kick,roundhouse kick, and punches (high and low)

When encountering an enemy the the player will be on one side and the enemy on the other as they advance toward each other in a fighting match.

Caren and the Tangled Tentacles

Publisher: Prior Art

During her vacation “Caren” (the player) takes a trip from her home to the Science center. In this adventure, you can open doors with keys, and move a controller around to interact with objects. A storyline moves the game along to build up a plot.

While the controller is moving around a second interactive sprite, objects can be viewed, clicked and the main character will provide details to guide the player through the quest.

Defender of the Crown

Publisher: Cinemaware

From this list of Commodore 64 games, you can cycle between 4 different characters.

Also the game progresses through in “rounds”. Screens keep track of the armies you have, gold reserves, income, and the garrison in the home castle.

The map screen allows you to of England divided into 19 provinces, such as the4 Sherwood Forest and home provinces of lords (depicted with a castle).

Possible actions throughout the game include:

– Home tournament – where a tournament can be hosted, which involves lancing against opponents.
– Conquest – Begin a conquest
– Go raiding – seize a castle to obtain gold where you fend off against another knight in a sword fight.
– Buy army – expand your army with gold payments. You can purchase soliders, knights, catapults, and castles.
– Read map – review information about the province
– Pass – Pass your move

When a fight erupts by your army you are notified. Then you are planted into a one to one combat and must take out the enemies that guard the way.

Frankie goes to Hollywood

Publisher: Ocean Software

While moving through Liverpool, the player must locate several objects, play smaller levels to reach the goal. The goal is to find the Pleasuredome while going through doors and entering rooms.

Attributes increases as tasks are accomplished through the game and are a part of the symbols for the Hollywood album covers.

Somewhere during gameplay, a murder occurs and the player visits rooms to locate clues.


Publisher: Thalamus

In the gameplay, you control a half man/robot that completes battles throughout 12 levels, while collecting objects along the way to needed to solve a puzzle.

It is a side scrolling adventure that pits you against alien confrontations with various creatures, an ape, reaching hand, winged creatures, dinosaurs, snakes, random 4 legs animals, and a lot of interesting characters.

Your only defense is a pistol at the start with ammunition, but more effective weapons such as a machine gun, laser, and rocket launcher can be earned on your journey.

Upon level completion, power bonuses are awarded where you can graduate to better weapons.

Maniac Mansion

Publisher: Lucasfilm Games

The primary purchase of this favorite Commodore 64 games collection, is to advance through a house with a team to rescue “Sandy”.

Along the way the player encounters a family doctor, sister Edna, a caretaker, Weird Ed, dead cousin Ted, and some other uknown.

Teams are assembled from a selection of 7 youths that are equipped with skills, talents, and weaknesses.

There are a variety of stories in this complex game. Hints are given along the way about the story or can pinpoint you in another direction.

Finally note this is a point and click adventure where you click on words and objects to obtain information and discover hidden clues.


Publisher: Mediagenic

The player is placed down in Chiba City in the year 2058, wakes up in a hotel and is trying to locate his missing friends and other cyberspace cowboys.

Clues are uncovered on the quest and dialogue is exchanged between interactive characters.

Seven Cities of Gold

Publisher: Electronic Arts

The game starts off in a town, the player gets equipped, and begins to sail off from Spain to discover the New World. The game begins with a crew of men, goods, food, but no gold yet. Then the player enters a ship and can steer it around.

Messages are displayed in larger screens moving the storyline along. It also features side by side scrolling as the player walks around the town.

Upon arrival to the “New World”, the player is attacked by a hunting tribe.


Publisher: Interplay Productions

Earth has turned into a radioactive wasteland due to a war between the United States and Russia. The main player is known as a “Desert Ranger” and walks around the area after the nuclear fallout and encounters mutants and other creatures.

Human civilization is threatened by a hidden conspiracy that is discovered along the way.

At the beginning, you choose from a list of players with skills, and create a character. Also the other team with you will need to have defined skills and attributes.

Once the game is actually started you can navigate around a tile map through a forest, visit shops, workshop, and other towns. At times you will encounter creatures (rats, lizards, Humanoids) that you can attack with weapons purchased at the shops.

Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders

Publisher: Activision
Company: Lucasfilm Games

A dumbness machine has been created by aliens that reduces the intellect of everyone around.

This plays as an interactive story where you progress the adventure by communicating with characters and work with objects by moving a cursor around and clicking on things.

Dragon Wars

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Company: Interplay Productions

At the start of this Commodore 64 games adventure you select from a part of a set of attributes, skills and create a character, and manage a group.

Throughout the game of your travels through the fantasy world of Oceana, you are attacked by animals and must defend yourself. This is a 3D world where you can move around in changing scenery.

The goal is to find your way to the continent Dilumn to obtain access to gold and treasures.

Pool of Radiance

Publisher: SSI
Company: SSI

This is another line of Dungeons and Dragons series. At the start you will create a character with various attributes, and skills. At this time you also organize a party to use throughout the adventure.

The game is navigated through a small window in a 3D interactive environment, where you encounter monsters, puzzles, traps, and uncover mysteries along the way.

The player can explores cities, castles, camps, and dungeons. It also contains multiple maps and diagrams to guide the quest.

The Bard’s Tale

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Company: Interplay Productions

The goal of the game is to discover where the evil magician is hiding and defeat him. A party is present in the game and go along on the journey with your player. At the start you build your characters and the party with you armed with skills, attributes and weapons.

When you encounter creatures both you and your party will attack.

Pathways include going through shops, temples, sewers, catacombs, castles, the magician’s lair, and a tower. A small window on the upper left shows the current scenes and any creatures present.

Airborne Ranger

Publisher: MicroProse Software

In this game, you can create a solider or train one. Then you set out on a mission consisting of tasks such as, destroy a SAM unit, rescue prisoners, steal a code book, or even kidnap a hostile officer.

In this action game, you can also choose a difficulty level. When the game begins you are controlling an airline over a deadly operation area.

Soon you touch down and begin on foot moving a character on a scrolling screen, but you must crawl combat style. Objects can be picked up.

Blue Max

Publisher: US Gold
Company: Synapse Software

The stage is set in Word War I. A plane is flown around shooting machine gun fire at enemy planes, tanks, and flak. Bombs can be dropped on buildings or ships.

Screen displays scroll diagonally in a vertical direction. After flying for a distance, you have to refuel.

Fort Apocalypse

Publisher: Synapse Software

When this game starts you maneuver a helicopter through a scrolling cave. A landing pad can be used to save the game progress.

The middle layers also allow you to pick up hostages. During the flying experience, the player also has to navigate in tight tunnels, slip by lasers and moving walls.

The helicopter can fire bullets and shoot open blocked walls and other enemy choppers, and dodge enemy fire.

Ikari Warriors

Publisher: SNK

The role of the game is to reach the village of Ikari. Along the way your progress is slowed down by tanks, soldiers, and helicopters.

You can a Commando up a scrolling screen shooting at enemies and tossing grenades. The game is very reminiscent of Rambo.

Law of the West

Publisher: Accolade

The game contains scenes of “high noon” where a shoot off occurs and the player is a sheriff from the West West.

Selections guide the player along as the path is determine based on choices on the screen. On occasion characters walk into the scene such as villains’, women, and townspeople.


Publisher: Ocean Software

Based off scenes from the movie, you control a G.I. in the admist of the Vienam War on combat missions.

The main player walks around and can shoot at enemies while searching for an explosive charge, navigating through a village, tunnels, a dug out that eventually lead to a bridge that must be destroyed to escape the hostile territory.

Along the way after you arrive at a village you can pick up provisions inside of huts.

Once you locate the tunnel, the game switches to a 3D (FPS – First Person Shooter) perspective and you can interact with objects on a screen while locating medical supplies, flares, secret documents, and other items. Inside here also you take out Vietcong that impede the way via a crosshairs.


Publisher: Ocean Software

While the movie was out, this was one of the more popular Commodore 64 games during that time.

Rambo is on a mission to recover his lost equipment, must find the POW camp, rescue hostages, and return to the extraction point. During the journey the player takes on swarming enemies using just a knife and grenades.

Enemies surround at every corner so the action is intense.

In another mission, Rambo flies a helicopter and shoots down enemy aircraft.


Publisher: Softgold

The player must compete through 13 levels, which features real time parallax scrolling. As you advance further you can obtain more weapons by gathering bonus symbols.

The 3 levels also are compromised of secret rooms where symbols can be collected, lives earned, and diamonds to increase your wealth.


Publisher: Hewson Consultants Ltd
Company: Graftgold

A ship flies above spaceship surfaces and docks shooting at attacking spaceships. All this takes place on a side scrolling screen. The goal is to reach the carrier and land on a runway to obtain bonus points.

Boulder Dash

Publisher: First Star Software

Embark on an experience with an understand diamond chase. The goal is to gather all diamonds within 16 caves with a timer counting down.

The player can dig through the surface and push rocks out of the wall. Creatures that exist in the game include fireflies, amoeba butterflies, and other cave dwellers. Rocks can also be used to crush these creepy critters.

Cauldron I

Publisher: Palace Software

The player guides an old witch on her quest to seize a magic broom guarded by pumpkins in lower level caves.

At the top level she flies high on her broom and can shoot pellets at bats , floating pumpkins, sea gulls, and other creatures.

There are also keys used to unlock areas and the witch must jump around on platforms and rafts to cross rivers in order to reach them.

Cauldron II

Publisher: Palace Software

The main protagonist is a bouncing pumpkin that navigates through a huge castle of 128 rooms.

Along the way you dodge witch henchmen, lots of creatures (bats, spiders, hands, flying pig’s head, ghosts, skeletons, etc.)

Switches and levels are used to lift platforms. In defense, the pumpkin can shoot the creatures (depleting energy) as long as energy levels are high, otherwise they must be refueled.

Creatures II: Torture Trouble

Publisher: Thalamus

The goal for our player is to free children from a torture device that are being held captive by demons against a ticking clock. Fire can be breathed on the creatures, collect magic potions, and weapons.

Beyond rescuing children, Clyde utilizes a trampoline with Fuzzy Wuzzy to bounce other children from right to left. Then a screen appears where the player can collect bonus coins.

Screens alternate one after the other as the player “Clyde Radcliffe” moves forward.

Flimbo’s Quest

Publisher: System 3
Company: Euphoria

The player “Flimbo” has to complete 7 levels, while looking for scrolls. A spell is developed with a scroll that advances that level. The next level requires searches for more scrolls and handed to the wizard.

Obtaining scrolls requires battling enemies along the journey by shooting them.

Great Giana Sisters

Publisher: Rainbow Arts
Company Time Warp Production

The player “Giana from Miliano” must complete a world compacted of 33 levels, find a gem to return back to her civilization. She had a nightmare and woke up to be surrounded by a bunch of strange creatures standing in the passage to go home.

A scrolling map moves the player from left to right. It has the same look and feel as Super Mario Bros.

Impossible Mission

Publisher: Epyx

The player (a computer expert: Special Agent 4125) has 6 hours to crack a top secret code before the out of control programs annihilate all mankind.

Within the laboratory is a vault in the underground stronghold that can only be accessed with a password. Searching objects in each room reveals puzzle pieces that help.

Along the journey, the player is attacked by robots that try to zap him, and must avoid deep pits by jumping from platform to platform.

Lode Runner

Publisher: Broderbund

The player moves up and down on platform ladders, crossing bars to collect treasures in 150 levels. Reaching the top part of the screen advances to the next level.

Although you can’t jump, you can break down brick matter for a specific time period to cross over them, and also trap the enemies in pursuit. Slowly the brick forms back whole again and anything left there is squashed.

Another cool feature is a built in level editor where you can design your own screens.

Mahem in Monsterland

Publisher: Apex

The player navigates a dinosaur named “Mahem” through a world, gather magic dust and stars which will restore each land, Jellyland, Pipeland, Spottyland, Cherryland, and Rockland) to their original status.

Montezuma’s Revenge

Publisher: Parker Brothers

A character named “Panama Joe” is moved around inside a fortress in order to locate the Montezuma treasure. There are a total of 9 levels to finish.

Other creatures must be jumped over and avoided as the quest continues on.

Prince of Persia

Publisher: Andreas Varga

A prince is the main player for this line of Commodore 64 games and has a time limit to get through the palace. Dangers include traps and guards that you often have to fight.

The player can also collect items, jump across platform walls, and climb up them. It contains single screens and excellent animation.