By signing up as a member today, I am giving away a download of programs that I kept stored away on disks for years. These are also some of the very first programs I had experienced on the Commodore 64 at somewhere around 1992.

My goal to you also to you as a registered monthly member is to provide you with quality articles such as the following (with in-depth, explained tutorials).

  • Basic Programming Articles
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Thank you and I welcome you on your journey with the Commodore 64! It will only get better once we are connected through your new membership! 🙂

I have included a screenshot here to the left (taken from the home page) to highlight the files you will have access to as a FREE download with your paid membership at no risk to you.

Commodore game programming

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This is a service for our members. Although you will have complete access, you will have access to some simple program examples. This paid version includes  complete articles that follow along with the video, including a download to the code we review each week. Plus much more! If you have any difficulties getting access, feel free to contact me directly in the form on this site. I am very responsive to answer your questions and get solutions for you!

I will constantly be updating new things for you to do. Plus I am working on a full series Game Design tutorial that will teach you how to create a scrolling adventure on the Commodore 64!

The price for membership is $2.50 per Month.

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