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This page is devoted to all the Commodore 64 fans that love Basic programming. In here you will find a lot of cool Commodore 64 Basic programs, games, etc. The point of this page is to share what other contributors have created on their systems and would like to invite others to do the same.

Car Race Random Outcome

Commodore 64 Basic

Our first contributor comes from Norway. He has written several Commodore 64 Basic programs for your enjoyment. This first example which he titled “Car Race Random Outcome” demonstrates sprites racing against each other in a “fight to the finish”. Watch as they drive across the screen one by one, line up, and then the space bar starts the race and see who wins!

Car Race Random Outcome

The second game received by Stein Ove is called “Mirror Horror”. This one had to be explained for me to grasp it. Your cannon (blue character) is placed in a maze among monsters (red characters). You can use the Z and X keys to control the mirror. The main objective is to kill as many monsters, which is accomplished by lining up the mirrors to meet the monsters in a path.

Key Controls:

z = Pick up a Mirror.
x = Put down a Mirror
Arrow keys = Move your Player
Space bar = shoot at a monster

Stein Ove BrattHammer wrote his first sprite program on his Commodore 64 in the 1990’s using a guide from the book Commodore User Manual. During that experience, he learned how to calculate the bytes that were placed in memory (via a POKE statement). He also learned about sprite dimensions, multi color sprites, and how they are constructed on a chart. You can check out his Commodore 64 Page to learn more about him and his journey.

VICE C64 Live Emulator

Feel free to use the VICE C64 Emulator below to load up Basic programs or files that were downloaded on this page.

To load a file, click on the menu C64/Attach D64 or you can also drop and drag a .D64 image onto the VICE window and it will load.

Contact us below if you would like to become a contributor for any Commodore 64 Basic program you have written. You retain all rights, just that you acknowledge to share your code and download here for everyone to look at and have fun with.

Note: To be sure your program is accepted, make sure to include 2 Basic programs since they will be presented side by side as seen on the first example of this page.

For now due to spam monitoring, please paste your Basic program into the Comments area below. Be sure to also include your name here. (First/Last – preferred), the name of your programs and any other information you want to tell me about them. Have a good description so that its clear to other people visiting this page what your game/program is all about. Finally be sure to include your social media links in that section to get traffic to your pages!

Disclaimer: All programs and content will be reviewed. No derogatory images or programs will be accepted as this is a kid safe zone as well.


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