My Profile

I have always enjoyed learning about technology. My first introduction to this was in the early 70’s when my brother received the very first video game our family had. It was a console created by the Sears company named Pong. I can recollect the many joys we had when I was competing with my brother at it. I think he enjoyed then destroyed me in the competition and winning every game. May that is why he skipped a grade?

Several years later after Pong became too cumbersome to play constantly, my family pitched in all together and purchased an Atari 2600 for my sister and me around 1981. To this day I’m convinced it was the most amazing Christmas present I ever received. I can still recall the mere joy of becoming entranced by the glowing colors that moved around on my television set.

In that era, it was quite a mystery to me how they got a visual display that you could control on a black and white TV set. I became obsessed with the system and played it hours on end, deep into the night. Much later, I would learn how to quickly turn the console on and off to enable a jump in the game progress. I was able to get the game Hero to award me a life counter that stretched across the screen, but even then, I was never able to complete that game.

I have been married several years to a wonderful woman named Sharon that I met through Facebook.

As for myself, I am a true believer in the gospel of Jesus Christ. For those interested my parents were Christians, but it wasn’t until I started writing to a Christian in a prison that I began to see the light and trouble with my own sin. It was several years later that I repented and gave my life to Jesus Christ. I was also baptized on my dad’s birthday in 1986.