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Welcome to my website where you can get the most out of Commodore 64 game design!

Be sure to sign up as a  new registered user. You don’t want to miss this. As a free gift, I am giving away access to several programs that first inspired me to learn more about the Commodore 64.

A monthly online membership will get you access to code and has a full tutorial for the game “C64 Assembly Language Project 2020“. This includes a complete break down of how parts of this assembly language program work from the initialization of memory, game maps, joystick moving, screen scrolling, sprites, and so much more!

Commodore game programming

I am proud to announce that the C64 Brain store is now live. Feel free to check it out here

You can see similar designs like the one seen below, and I am still working on newer pixel art. The goal here is to keep it with an 8-bit design in mind.

Assembly Language

Basic Programming




Game Design

Game Hacks



 Currently this website receives direct visits from my Youtube channel

Finally if you enjoy Commodore 64 Game Design and 8-bit nostalgia as much as I do, please be sure to check out my Atari 65 xe website.

Thank you for visiting! Feel free to send me feedback and your questions. 🙂

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