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Welcome to the brand new C64Brain Dashboard. New stuff includes:

We are so glad you are here and welcome you! Feel free to scroll below to learn more or use the menus at the left or on mobile you can use the hamburger menu (three lines) at the top right corner usually.

If you get stuck also you can use the Help Guide, send a message with the form at the bottom of the page or join our Discord and get your questions answered. We are here for you! 🙂

The Commodore 64 Game Project has page by page walkthroughs and explanations of how the current project works. Stay tuned as I am posting videos that will provide a step by step guide to map design, scrolling the screen, sprites, animation, and much more.  The goal of this membership is to empower you to create you own type of game.

Be sure to check out the new tutorial called C64 Spaced Out Demo based on an assembly language game I was working on in 2015 on YouTube.

The actual code for this game project can be viewed at the C64 Assembly Code Gallery and downloaded as well.

For those wanting to learn about programming Assembly Language Pro Members will have access to the Lessons area (Assembly language and Basic tutorials) and Basic Playground Premium will have access to the C64 Basic Playground and C64 Basic Marathon areas. Click on the picture boxes below to learn more.

More ways to connect with C64Brain! I welcome you to become part of our Discord community! Click below to sign up.

Upcoming Projects

Currently I am working on trying to get a VICE emulator working in here that runs in a browser. For now though I can include the link, but maybe later it could be embedded into a page. This should be helpful to those who can’t get the correct VICE version working to see the programs in the membership pages.

Shout out to OSK (Old Skool Coder) for this. Feel free to visit the OSK website. He has excellent content for the Commodore 64.

Real time VICE Emulator

To make the VICE Emulator window larger, click the menu Size and then select Fit. Seems to be the only work around for now. However now you have access to using the VICE emulator directly inside this website. If it stops working click on VICE Browser site to access it there or you can refresh the page.

You can then load up any program files (D64) you downloaded from this Membership site or your own computer and run them in the interactive VICE window. It’s pretty cool. Make sure to click inside the window first before typing in the code and running your own programs.

An an example type the code below and press enter to see a simple box move across the screen. You could even write your own Basic programs in here too! 🙂


Discord (2021) for C64 Brain

Facebook Community for C64 Brain

I created a Facebook page for my online members and new visitors. This Facebook page has been created to directly address your questions, get to know you, learn about your experience with the membership, and help me find a solution to providing content that fits your questions.

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Our community maintains a focus on helping you learn Basic Programming concepts for our Members area. However, if you want to learn more advanced techniques, you will then need to register for the Advanced Members Area.

The goal here is to get your familiar with the Commodore 64 and it’s commands in order for you to start understanding and writing your own simple programming examples. If you get stuck please feel free to send us a message via the Chat Service (at the bottom right). We would be happy to get back to you at least within 24-72 hours.

In our Membership you will find some cool things to do on your writing journey and with the Pro Membership you will have access to our Assembly language code tutorials.

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