At the time I wrote this program, I was looking for a way to detect sprite character collisions for the Spaced Out game I was working on. It turned out later to be useful as I implemented it into the game and was able to detect collisions. It still needed a lot of work, but it was a start. Click the link text to the left of the image to view the PDF.

This example is actually information I obtained from a post at’s website. I appreciate everyone who contributed to help make this all fit together. 🙂

View PDF Below

Note: Project files require installation of CBM Prg Studio to be executed or a C64 editor of your choice. CBM Prg Studio can be download at the Ajordison website.

Note: D64 files require installation of VICE C64 emulator. You can learn more in the article VICE D64 Files regarding loading the file.

Feel free to use the VICE C64 Emulator below to load up Basic programs or files that were downloaded on this page.

To load a file, click on the menu C64/Attach D64 or you can also drop and drag a .D64 image onto the VICE window and it will load.