While exploring online for a new C64 game, I came across a website with Ahoy magazine downloads. This game was contained in the January 1986 issue and looked promising. It features an animated sprite that must locate gold in 1,100 rooms while avoiding ghosts.

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Note: Project files require installation of CBM Prg Studio to be executed or a C64 editor of your choice. CBM Prg Studio can be download at the Ajordison website.

Note: D64 files require installation of VICE C64 emulator. You can learn more in the article VICE D64 Files regarding loading the file.

Feel free to use the VICE C64 Emulator below to load up Basic programs or files that were downloaded on this page.

To load a file, click on the menu C64/Attach D64 or you can also drop and drag a .D64 image onto the VICE window and it will load.

Sprites for the Demo

This demo includes several sprites that make up the animation seen as the player moves the sprite around the screen.

The Commodore 64 Basic game actually includes 2 sprites. Each sprite can move pretty quickly too since the movement routines are defined in machine language. In the example below we see the two sprites at odds with each other.