This was a project I found online while searching through the Ahoy magazine pages. It came with the November 1985 issue. You navigate a sprite helicopter among a scrolling building. You are supposed to rescue people, but I haven’t figured that out yet. However the code is all included to the right of the image (to be added later).

PDF View Below

Note: Project files require installation of CBM Prg Studio to be executed or a C64 editor of your choice. CBM Prg Studio can be download at the Ajordison website.

Project Download

Note: D64 files require installation of VICE C64 emulator. You can learn more in the article VICE D64 Files regarding loading the file.

D64 File Download

Below is the title screen to the game. Before it starts, a helicopter appears at the bottom and ascends to the top pulling the title up until it is seen as below.

You can view the program completely here in PDF form

Below is the VICE C64 Emulator Listing (D64 File)

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