C64 Video Zone

This page allows you to view some of your favorite Commodore 64 games. So take a blast back to the past and allow the music to coast you back to those nostalgic times where your computer was a audio jukebox and Nintendo graphics were yet unheard of.  🙂

RoboCop (1988) by Data East

Test Drive (1987) by Accolade

Metal Warrior 1 (1999) by Cadaver

Metal Warrior 2 (1999) by Cadaver

Metal Warrior 3 (2001) by Cadaver

Metal Warrior 4 (2003) by Cadaver

Dragon’s Lair (1986) by Electronic Arts

Dragon’s Lair (1986) by Electronic Arts

Fist II (1986) by Beam Software

Predator (1988) by Activision

Batman the Movie (1989) by Ocean Software

Panther (1986) by Mastertronic

License to Kill (1989) by Domark

Action Biker (1985) by Mastertronic

The Addams Family (1992) by Ocean Software

After Burner (1988) by Software Studios

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