Commodore 64 Programmermind Website

My original website has been updated. I have moved over a lot of the content from the previous installation. Technically the Commodore 64 Programmermind website has been converted from HTML to WordPress. This allows for much easier editing and post updates. The previous website required updating many pages when a single change was made.

Please stay tuned to this page for further updates. Much later (as time permits), I’d like to explore other computer programming such as on an Apple IIc , Tandy, and possibly others. At the Commodore 64 Programmermind website you can find some Commodore 64 game walkthroughs.

You may also notice that many sections have been removed from Commodore 64 programmermind website to stay true to the retro tutorials. Some of these include the Breakout game Clone. In the C64 Website Links, the Subchrist Software area has been removed. The complete section for Game Development, which include Unity, Dark GDK and Java will not be found here anymore. I’ve already deleted the Movie Clips area regarding images from the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley. Then the Music section has been taken out as well as the Local Travel area, which originally contained screenshots of Arizona.

It was necessary to remove these to keep a focus on the Commodore 64, Atari, and other great systems. Plus it keeps things more organized.

The website has a lot of the previous content migrated over to stay with the true work. Listed below are the menus that are included.

Commodore 64

C64 Machine Language – Gain a beginner’s grasp on assembly language and see how memory, bits, and hexadecimals numbers work.
C64 Assembly Language Game eBook – my very first eBook on simple game design.
Commodore 64 Sprites – learn how to create a sprite in Commodore 64 Basic
C64 Programming Examples – explore some program examples created during a Google Hangouts session in 2014.
Commodore 64 Color Bars – A Basic program that shows how to use raster lines.
C64 Pitfall II Hack – Explore various parts at the code level for the game Pitfall II: The Lost Caverns
C64 Studio – learn how to write a simple program using the tool C64 Studio Editor.

Atari 800/XL/XE

Atari Assembly Language Game – full code access to my game Deadman
Atari Graphics – discover how to use Graphics mode 0 and 1
Atari Basic Programming – see a simple Basic game broken down
Atari Player Missile Graphics – a step by step explanation of Player Missile Graphics
Atari Altirra Emulator – an in-depth guide on how to use this great Atari emulator

C64 Game Reviews

C64 Dragon’s Lair Part 1 – a step by step guide to Part 1
C64 Dragon’s Lair Part 2 – a step by step guide to Part 2
C64 Test Drive -a walkthrough for the game

C64 programming menus
Atari menus
Commodore 64 menus

Some of the Post Category sections are seen here.

Some of the Post Category sections are seen here.

Some of the Post Category sections are seen here.

Some of the Post Category sections are seen here.

As the content on this website begins to expand further, I’d also like to add many more game review tutorials. There are many great titles I’m considering such as Double Dragon, Robocop, and many other great titles.